Hiyed's Vision


In 2023, our Director and Founder, Tracy, set out to create a new business that would support and enable people with mental health difficulties, learning disabilities and other conditions facing barriers in work to overcome these.

As an Autistic person, diagnosed later in life, Tracy understands the huge benefit that extra support and understanding can bring. Having been involved in the DWP Access To Work programme for the past 12 years, seeing the amazing differences it could make to people's lives, Tracy wanted to share this knowledge and experience. Using the Access to Work service herself and assisting hundreds of people over the past decade to navigate the process and getting better outcomes for paid employment, Tracy wanted to spread the word to others.

With this in mind, Hiyed CIC was born – to empower others to reach their full potential by helping people gain meaningful support in the workplace and secure their future work careers whilst also creating a great network of clients, employers and in-work supporters in the process.

We are a not for profit, community interest company employing an enthusiastic and experienced staff team who, alongside Tracy, have lived experience of disability and can offer the empathy and passion required to others in similar positions to which they have found themselves in the past.