How we can support?

We work with anyone looking for a work trial or in paid employment. Anyone about to start a volunteering role or in work but having problems.

We support people with any kind of disability or difficulty that impacts on their ability to perform a job role or tasks within the role. We are particularly skilled and experienced at supporting people with learning disabilities such as Dyslexia, Neuro diverse conditions such as Autism (also previously known as ASD, Autistic Spectrum, Aspergers), ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) or Dyspraxia / DCD (Developmental Coordination Disorder) or mental health difficulties such as Anxiety or Low Mood.

You do not need a diagnosis to access our service.

We offer 1:1 support tailored to your individual needs. This can be on the job working alongside you, completing some tasks on your behalf (up to 20% of the job role) or off the job with things like preparing for work, organisation with tailor fit solutions to completing mandatory training requirements.

We are aware that many people struggle to access support to understand and manage their conditions so we can offer Disability Impact support and coping strategies.

We can provide training on using the public transport system, a travel buddy or arrange transport / taxis to get you to work if this is a barrier for you.

We can also provide disability awareness training to your manager, HR or colleagues who you think would benefit from knowing more about your condition.

As a disability confident employer ourselves we are keen to help other employers achieve this and can offer support and guidance.

We can help with the DWP Access to Work scheme application process as it can be tricky to navigate. A workplace assessment will identify any needs you have in the workplace to overcome barriers including equipment and latest technology to assist you at work.

We are registered with the British Association of Supported Employment.

We are a Disability Confident Employer

We are a bild member