Meet the team

Gary Fee - 
Assistant Director and Co-founder  

In 2021 Gary retired after 26 years in the Police service working in various departments including police recruitment and  training. During this time he developed transferable skills which he took to his next role as a self-employed In work supporter. Working with a customer at a local forest school and then with customers at a local CIC on an apprenticeship scheme. During his time as an In work supporter Gary has worked with numerous other customers and has completed training along the way to increase his skills in the support arena.

Gary is passionate about identifying the right level of support the customer requires to assist with a range of different tasks, enabling them to overcome barriers and thrive within the workplace.

Gary enjoys the whole process of meeting new customers to supporting them in their job role, but what he finds really special is seeing them achieve personal goals and progress in roles that many don’t believe possible.

Kelvin Walker -
Operational Lead

Kelvin has worked in a variety of leadership roles mainly in logistics and project management.

He has gained a lot of experience with tools and processes using a range of computer skills and programmes.

Having being introduced to our Founder it became apparent that his skills were transferable to help support individuals with planning and computer skills whilst further supporting with using business knowledge gained in past employment.

Kelvin’s current role is a very varied role being responsible for the systems we use as well as GDPR and data protection, he also supports customers with documentation and enhancing computer knowledge.

He is very process orientated and enjoys helping customers to achieve their best and the realisation that they can do it with support. Kelvin likes to show customers different ways of achieving their goals and can always develop a good plan to enable them when needed.

The best part of the Job for Kelvin is seeing the changes in our customers when they realise how capable and adaptable they are.

Nicola Cook -  Lead In Work Support/Job Coach

Nicola worked in supported living with people with autism and learning disabilities for 18 years, she started as a support worker then worked her way up to a manager of the service, during this time she developed transferable skills which took her to the next role as an in work supporter.

Nicola is passionate about identifying the right level of support the customer requires to assist with a range of different tasks, enabling them to overcome barriers and thrive within the workplace.

She enjoys meeting new customers to support them in their job role, but what Nicola finds really special is seeing them achieve personal goals and progress in roles that many don’t believe possible.

Cheryl Thompson - Lead In Work Support/Job Coach

Cheryl has worked in a variety of teaching job roles within the SEND education sector since 2006 to 2021. Cheryl’s next role was in a secure unit for young people as a residential/dedicated waking nights worker. During these time’s Cheryl has developed a wide arrange of transferable skills which has led her to taking the role as a lead support worker at Hiyed.

During Cheryl’s career Cheryl has worked with and supported a diverse range of young people and their families.

Cheryl is passionate about helping young people and their family’s overcome day to day barriers, embracing their attributes, and promoting independence.

Cheryl enjoys supporting and watching young people excel. The greatest fulfilment is when young people achieve their personal goals whilst progressing in life skills, they believe are not possible

Craig Richardson - Admin Apprentice

In October 2022 Craig began a job for an organization called Skills for people he worked there until December 2023 when sadly the funding ended. Himself and two colleagues set up a social media page on Facebook and Instagram to promote health and wellbeing to adults with a learning disabilities and autism during his time there he began setting up the pages on the platforms from scratch with his colleagues they spent a lot of time creating and planning they went through several names and ideas to name the project before one was chosen. The name decided was Skills for wellbeing the logo that was chosen was a tree and that represented to grow and develop into something bigger and stronger which would develop others to grow along their journey along life own way and path. 

Craig began his current role on the 2nd January 2024 with Hiyed CIC.   He enrolled on a customer service apprenticeship which he felt anxious and nervous about. He didn’t know what to expect, on the other hand he was excited about what was going to happen. He was already familiar with his colleagues and surroundings which made things a lot easier in that respect. Once he knew what he would be doing he felt more relaxed, comfortable, calm and content with some support and guidance.

It has only been a short while in so Craig is still finding his feet and yes they are some new challenges, new routines but during his time he will learn to grow and become more adaptable along his path to a brighter future. He looks forward to progressing in the role and is enjoying learning new skills and building his knowledge every day. He is currently working on admin tasks completing spreadsheets and power point which is something he has not been familiar with for a long time.

Vicky Evans - In Work Supporter/Job Coach

Vicky has had a varied career having worked as an ICT teacher in a local college and as a training officer at local authority and voluntary organisations. Vicky has worked in office environments all her working life and has a range of skills and knowledge to support others in similar environments.

Vicky is passionate about supporting people to reach their potential in a holistic way. Vicky takes an individual approach to meeting people’s needs and is an advocate for fairness and equity.

Vicky enjoys working with new customers and supporting them in their job role. The best part of in-work support is seeing the customers thrive and grow in confidence as they become competent in their work.

Dave Patterson - In Work Supporter/Job Coach

Jordan Robinson - In Work Supporter/Job Coach 

After spending 10 years in customer service Jordan started a new career in a day centre for adults with learning disabilities. In this role he supported customers with various learning difficulties and disabilities. It was while here he found his passion for supporting individuals. Making a difference to their daily routine and helping people is very much in his nature and getting paid for it was a bonus.

Jordan started with Hiyed on the 1st of January 2024 and he enjoys the challenges of the In-Work Support/Job Coach role, along with the diverse nature of the job. Jordan’s main focus is supporting the customer in a way that works suits them, to help them manage their day, build in structure and enable them to carry out their daily tasks and goals.

Jordan prefers to work out doors in whatever weather throws at him, as long as he is wrapped up, he’s happy.

Jill Seymour - In Work Supporter/Job Coach

I have over 35 years experience in the care industry. My last role was as a support worker in a privately run Autistic unit looking after seven gentleman with challenging behaviour's.  I had worked here for several years but due to health conditions and working long shifts I needed something more suitable to do.

I started in my new role as an In work support/job coach with Hiyed in January 2024, undergoing an induction procedure and shadowing other members of staff to get an insight into the role and see how I could bring transferable skills to the team.

It is still early days and I feel I've got a lot more to learn, however I feel it is more laid back than my previous role and seeing changes in the customers performance in the job role is a great part of the job.


Roger Wicks - In Work Supporter/Job Coach

Hi. I’m Roger.
I love to travel and in 1979-80 I spent a year travelling around North
America and Europe. My rail pass expired while I was in Greece. I was
at a loss what to do next and a call from Darlington FC saved me from a
season of cucumber picking.

I spent three years as a Professional Footballer with Darlington. Many
fans wish I had picked cucumbers instead.

I worked in the Civil Service, for the Department of Education, for many
years. In 2004, the travel bug bit me again and we moved to France for
4 years, where we ran a small holiday business. I coached semi-
professionally at a local football team.
For the past decade I have worked in Health and Social Care and

Apart from football and travel I like music (I have written a rock opera.) I
spend a lot of time walking my dogs, Lola and Blue. My favourite walks
are in the Lake District and the Yorkshire Dales.
I’m a Manchester United fan and I go to watch Darlington FC

My favourite TV programmes are Breaking Bad, Ozark, Fargo and Curb
Your Enthusiasm.

Josh Young - In Work Supporter/Job Coach

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Kieran Angel - In Work Supporter/Job Coach

In my previous working environment, I was an Electrician. I started as an apprentice at 17 years old where I had a 4.5 year apprenticeship (extended due to Covid). I qualified in March 2023 and I was kept on by my employer. Throughout my time I worked on multiple projects such as student accommodation, schools, hospitals, call centres and even one of my local pubs! I enjoyed some aspects of the job however I knew that it wasn’t something I saw myself doing for the rest of my life.


I linked in with Hiyed at the beginning of January 2024, volunteering initially to see if working as an in-work supporter was a role I could see myself doing in the future. I worked initially with a number of customers, shadowing the other members of the Hiyed team, learning aspects of the role and developing my own style. I enjoyed this and so asked about joining the Hiyed team a few weeks later, and here I am.


I really enjoy the problem-solving aspect about my job. Being able to analyse the customers, what they need help with and how I can use my skills to help them solve their problem, which is a great feeling when you achieve it. I’m a very curious person and it’s been very interesting to get to know everyone and hear what they bring to Team Hiyed.

Jordan Caygill - In Work Supporter/Job Coach

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